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How To Install WordPress Plugin Through cPanel

It has been always a pleasure having you around! Briefly today,we shall be discussing on how you can install WordPress plugin through cPanel.

This has been a topic of concern in that sometimes we are likely to encounter problems doing it in the WordPress dashboard interface. The most common of these problems being ‘ max file upload-size specified in php.ini exceeded!’ It has been worrisome to some WordPress lovers especially WordPress novice.

However, we have dealt with this issue in our previous posts. You will find that post here.
In addition, you can bypass that check by installing the plugin through cPanel. Continue reading to find out more.

Installing plugin through cPanel is not a rocket science, without delay let’s dive in.

  • Login to your server by accessing yoursitename.com/cpanel. Make sure you replace yoursitename.com with your actual site’s address.
    Locate the File Manager and click – this will open up the file manager interface housing all your website files and folders.
  • Please make sure you backup these files and folders prior to taking action. We recommend you backup these files and folders in case the reverse becomes the case, you will have nothing to fear or worry about.
    We can as well be of good assistance to you if you are confused or afraid of doing things on your own. For assistance, use the love chat or contact form found on this website or email via [email protected]
  • Click to collapse pub_html folder, scroll down to wp-content and open the folder
  • Diagrammatically, you should follow these steps:
    File Manager -> pub_html -> wp-content -> plugins.
    You should see other installed WordPress plugins there as folders. You do not need to open any other folder on getting to the point -> plugins ->.

  • Move to the top of the file manager interface. At the top, look for the link labelled “upload” and click. This may open in a new tab depending on your hosting provider, browser and settings. Nothing to fear whether new tab opened or not, for all is well!
  • Make sure the plugin in your device is in zip format. If the plugin is a folder, please compress it to a zip format before uploading. Obviously, you cannot upload a folder, you can only upload a file.
    Select the plugin zip format file and wait for the upload to complete. Upload complete? Okay! Close the tab and refresh the plugins tab. You should see the uploaded file amongst the plugins.
  • Finally, click on the uploaded zipped file to select it. If you have done so, please move to the top. You will find a button labelled “extract”. Click the button and ok the pop-up window that follows. You can delete the zipped file since you have extracted a folder from it. At that juncture, installation is complete!
  • Bonus

    To activate the installed plugin, go to your WordPress website admin dashboard, open the menu and then plugins to installed plugins. Find and activate the installed plugin from your server.
    That is all. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Maybe you encountered some problems, please let us know so we can assist you accordingly.



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