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Five (5) Things You Need For Quick AdSense Approval



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Five (5) Things You Need For Quick AdSense Approval

You don’t talk of AdSense without talking of blog. You must be a blogger or website owner or YouTube account owner or versatility for coming to read this article.
It is very difficult especially these days to get Google AdSense approval for your blog, website or YouTube channel. It’s difficult however possible if some guidelines including those provided by Google are observed and followed expectedly.

What is AdSense by the way?
AdSense is the most popular online web monetization platform owned by internet giant, Google. The has been the major source of revenue for bloggers, YouTube account owners. AdSense is rated as the highest paying CPC advertising network. CPC means cost per click.

Can I Monetize Mobile App Using AdSense?
No. AdSense is specifically for blogs, websites. However, for app monetization , Google went extra mile to ensure mobile app owners benefit from its advertising scheme. So, for app monetization Google introduced what they AdMob for mobile app monetization. If you are looking to monetize your app, we recommend you try AdMob, sister to AdSense.

Blog monetization is an aspect of blogging via which bloggers are rewarded for their efforts and contributions in the global online community.
There are many different ways of monetizing your blog but not covered in the scope of this topic.

Running a blog is a big task and getting AdSense approval is also a big task. However, passionate bloggers must not give up. You’ve got the contents, unique ones and yet nothing to show for it. You requested for your website review by AdSense multiple times and yet AdSense didn’t approve your request.
Follow the guidelines here and ensure it is well implemented on your blog before applying for AdSense approval.

Five(5) things you need for quick AdSense approval.
Whether you are applying for the first time or you’ve applied before, follow this guidelines carefully.

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Five (5) Things You Need For Quick AdSense Approval – The 4Ps

1.The 4Ps: the 4Ps are core pages required of all blogs irrespective of what the blog is used for. There are About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy page and Terms/Conditions page. The 4Ps especially Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions page must be sound and formal.

The About page reveals to visitors or users about you if it is a personal blog, about us if it is organization or owned by more than one person, about (name) if it is a legal entity, company or institution.
The About page also contains items like what you do, how you started, where you started, your team/employees/partners/sponsors, your vision and mission statement.

The Contact page reveals to visitors and users best possible ways to get in touch with you. Your contact address, contact phone number, email address and social media handles should all be included if possible. The AdSense team will be glad you made provisions for users/visitors to contact you.

In the Privacy Policy, you let your users know how you collect and process their data.
The policy should expressly state what users’ data you collect, how you collect the data, when and what the data is used for etc. Google AdSense require from you to disclose to your blog users how Google uses cookies to show targeted adverts to them. Your own cookies and their functions should be clearly stated as well.

Terms/Conditions page: amongst other things you must state the terms of use of your blog, users right and your right. Disclaimer can as well be under your Terms/Conditions.

Do you have the 4Ps? If you don’t have, please do or you can contact us to assist with Privacy Policy page and Terms/Conditions page.

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Five (5) Things You Need For Quick AdSense Approval – At least Ten(10) Unique Contents

2. At least Ten(10) Unique Contents: I have heard many say that you must have hundreds of posts before AdSense can approve your blog. AdSense do not consider that. You don’t need hundreds of posts before applying for blog approval. Ten(10) unique posts can fetch your blog approval. AdSense stresses on quality not quantity. Ten(10) well written unique posts with above 500 words will give you a better chance of your blog being approved than millions of worthless posts. Work more on quality than quantity. Ensure your posts have featured images and other images where necessary. Image conveys your message faster even to those who cannot read. Try to write posts on your own instead of indulging in plagiarism. Don’t copy someone’s efforts, strive for yours.

3. Good Design and Layout: how will you feel if you visit a blog and find everything white except images? Some people will continue to visit your blog not for posts but design. Fascinating designs are always attractive. Layout and design speak of professionalism. How will you feel if you find your blog scattered? Users visit your blog and begin to find and sort posts? Look at your blog layout and design if it is really good. You need assistance? Please visit

4. AdSense Policy: AdSense has its own policy publishers must abide before, in, and after seeking for blog approval. Make sure you read and understand the AdSense Policy and ask questions where and when necessary in the AdSense forum.

5. Your blog be some weeks old and visible in search engines: Make sure your blog visible on search engines and your posts indexed. That means you need Search Engine Optimization. We will be willing to help you free. Contact Us via our contact page or visit

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    This is quite a polished side project! Love the onboarding too. Is there a way to preview a newsletter before actually publishing it?

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  2. Saxon Matney

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    Thanks, good to hear! Yes you can, if you click “next” on top of your current issue, it will then give you an option to send a preview.

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