How to Create HTML Table

Creating html table is very eaay. All you need is a little attention to this tutorial and you will find yourself creating for yourself or clients. Example table below 👇 Yearly Expenditure Year Expenditure December 1997 $1,900 December 1998 $6,900 You can see we have created a simple table portraying a firm’s Expenditure for the year 1997 and 1998. The simple trick outputting the…
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How To Edit Blogger User Profile

Hi👍, my name is Eze and in this short tutorial titled: How To Edit Blogger User Profile, I shall be discussing briefly with you on how to change your profile settings in blogspot. What and what can you change in your user profile page? It seemed that question is…

How To Install WordPress Plugin Through cPanel

It has been always a pleasure having you around! Briefly today,we shall be discussing on how you can install WordPress plugin through cPanel. This has been a topic of concern in that sometimes we are likely to encounter problems doing it in the WordPress dashboard interface.